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One of the most common support tickets/emails hosting companies receive are those people who are complaining about downtime, when in fact, there is no downtime. This article covers some different checks/tests that you should carry out before contacting us regarding outages.

Possible reasons for "downtime" could include but are not be limited to:

  • Firewalled. This is where by systems detect abnormal behavior (such as failed login attempts, SQL injections, etc) and blocks your IP address to try and prevent any damage/harm from being done.

  • ISP (Internet Service Provider) issues. Your provider may be experiencing network issues preventing a connection, or, a block may have been enforced on your domain/IP address.

  • The service(s) in question have been suspended or terminated. This could be due to payment failure, violation of our Terms of Service, etc. To check that your service is Active, simply log in to your client account and select 'My Services' under the 'Services' menu.

  • What checks can I carry out to verify that my service(s) is/are indeed down? (Not necessarily in this order)

  • Ask a friend or someone on a different internet connection from you to attempt to access your website(s) or server IP address(es).

  • Try to connect in a different web browser, or better yet, a different device with internet access.

  • If you recently made changes to your DNS configuration and that has caused the outage, check the health of your configuration. You can do this with tools such as or - it's good practice to ensure there's no errors in your DNS configuration even if you're not experiencing issues.

  • If you've carried out a few of the above checks and you still can't access your service(s), please review our Service Issues page which is updated with the latest information about issues if there are any. We ask that you do not contact us if the issue affecting your service(s) has been posted on that page - please keep visiting and keep yourself updated instead.

    Should nothing appear on that page, please create a Support Ticket with our Technical Support department providing as much information about the problem as you can, and any diagnostic steps you took to try and resolve the issue(s).

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