Free Linux Based Control Panels

When you purchase an Unmanaged VPS or Dedicated Server from us, you'll have no control panel installed by default which means that you have to do all management via SSH (Secure Shell) which can be tough and very time consuming. This article outlines a few of the free control panels available and also shows you how to install them.

Note: The content on this page assumes you are logged in as the root user (so you can execute all the required commands). 

Option 1 - Webmin with Virtualmin

Webmin is one of the leading free Linux control panels available. It provides a fairly clean and easy to use interface/GUI with all of your options nicely separated out in to categories. 
Virtualmin allows you to quickly and easily create new domains (or Virtual Hosts) and manage them. You can install Webmin without Virtualmin, we recommend Webmin with Virtualmin for those looking to run multiple sites under their server.

Installing Webmin w/ Virtualmin (Commands):

chmod +x 

Once installed, you can log in at YOURSERVERIP:10000 with the username of 'root' and your root password.

Option 2 - Kloxo

Kloxo is another free and popular control panel option or Linux based servers. Kloxo has a more friendly looking interface than the above option and is more similar to the control panel layout as used by cPanel which may be appealing for some people. As with Virtualmin/Webmin, though, it has options nicely organized under their own categories allowing you to find what you want quickly and easily. 

Kloxo Pre-Installation Steps:

Kloxo usually requires some basic configuration changes before the installation can begin. 

1) Edit the file /etc/sysconfig/selinux with your favorite text editor (i.e. pico, nano, vi, etc - e.g. nano /etc/sysconfig/selinux)
2) Find selinux and make sure it's set to disabled. It should look like this: selinux=disabled
3) Save the changes
4) If selinux was already disabled, skip this step. If you made a change (and disabled selinux), run this command: setenforce 0
5) Ensure ports 7777 and 7778 are opened in TCP. 

Installing Kloxo (Commands):

1) Run wget in SSH
2) If MySQL is installed on your server (run mysql in SSH to find out), run this command: sh ./ --type=master
3) If MySQL is not installed on your server, run yum install -y wget followed by sh ./ --type=master

Once installed, you can log in at YOURSERVERIP:7778 with the username of 'admin' and the password of 'admin'.

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