Booting/Starting my VPS

You can Boot/Start your VPS using two different methods. We are highlighting these below for your convenience.

Method 1 - Via the client area

For most people, this is probably the quickest and easiest way to Boot/Start your VPS. 

1) Login to the client account associated with the VPS, here.
2) Select the Services drop-down menu and select My Services.
3) Choose the service you wish to Boot/Start by clicking on View Details.
4) Select Boot under Virtual Server Control

Method 2 - Via SolusVM

You can also reboot your VPS via our SolusVM Panel. In this control panel, have more control over your VPS than you would by logging in to the billing area on our website.

1) Login to the SolusVM account associated with the VPS, here.
2) Choose the service you wish to Boot/Start by clicking on Manage.
3) Select the green Boot button under Controls.

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